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BMW E46 M3 Aero Kit


BMW E46 M3 Aero Kit

s4s 1004523
35.00 LBS
$170.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

The only wind tunnel tested aero on the market.  Providing over 522lbs of downforce with only an 18 horse power increase in drag.  All built into a balanced package to increase grip to all 4 wheels and increase speed through the turns without reducing straight away speed.  The rear wing is made of carbon fiber and laid out in a 3 D design to give the best angle of attack behind and below the roof line and on the sides of the car.  Air moving over the car’s roof line contacts the wing at a different angle than the air moving alongside the car, our wing has different angles built into it to provide maximum downforce with the least amount of drag by operating the wing in maximum efficiency on its total surface and not just in one section.  The 3 D design also allows us to mount the wing lower, farther reducing drag for increased top speeds on the straight away.  The carbon fiber end plates increase the downforce and vehicle stability by straightening the air moving over the wing.  The aluminum wing mounts have beveled edges to reduce drag and hex stanchions for quick and easy wing angle adjustments.  Our front splitter extends 3 inches forward of the front bumper and to the swaybar under the car, this creates suction and pulls the air out of the engine compartment, increasing downforce and top speed while reducing engine temps.   Made from heavy duty poly plastic, the splitter also protects the front underside of the car from debris.  With the 4 aluminum hex stanchions on the leading edge, the splitter angle can be adjusted to change downforce to suit track conditions.               

Kit includes Sneed4Speed splitter and Sneed4Speed carbon rear wing.  All hardware is included.   

Fully adjustable race front splitter with integrated under tray, allows adjustment of front down force for driver and track needs.  This splitter is specifically designed for the E46 M3 front bumper to provide max down force, reduce drag and improve engine power.  The integrated under tray provides engine compartment air scavenging for higher down force and reduced engine compartment temperatures. Also, creating more power and reducing drag over the factory setup resulting in higher top speeds.  The tray creates a skid plate under the front of the car, protecting the radiator and front of engine from debris.  Extra wide splitter design smoothes air flow at front tire to farther reduce drag.  Splitter attaches with fully adjustable super-duty aircraft grade aluminum stanchions, aluminum and steel brackets and heavy duty fasteners.  Splitters now carry a full 100% replacement for life with the original purchaser (doesn't include hardware or stanchions).  
Fully adjustable carbon fiber rear wing for E46 M3 is designed to produce high down force, low drag, and increased tire grip, resulting a lower lap times.  Wind tunnel tested 3D design uses 2 different planes of aero foils to increase down force by optimally using the air moving over the roof and down the sides of the car.. The wing produces 200lbs of down force over stock trunk lid at 100mph with drag equal to less than 1 side mirror.  Mounts and stanchions are designed to position the wing for most efficient use of air over and around the car while providing positive and consistent downward push to the tires.  Infinitely adjustable angle of attack provides ability to adjust the wing foil for all types of tracks, driver needs and conditions.  Best results are found between 2 and 6 degrees angle of attack.  All mounting hardware is included for installation.

63” wide carbon fiber wing

Downforce Adjustable

Aluminum mounts

Weight 8 lb total with mounting hardware.

Now available with black wing mounts and black splitter stanchions!



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