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How To Enhance Mini Cooper Performance

How To Enhance Mini Cooper Performance

9th Aug 2022

While the Mini Cooper's noticeable European style initially draws the enthusiast, there are a good amount of aftermarket enhancements that make the car more enjoyable to drive by increasing the power load and, in some cases, even yielding greater fuel economy. Mini Cooper is a great car, but it has its limitations. If you want to maximize the performance using Mini Cooper Performance Cams, read this article till the end.

What is Camshaft?

The rotating metal component of the machine, known as the camshaft, features pointed cams that convert rotational action into reciprocating motion. Camshafts are a component in internal combustion engines, mechanically robust ignition systems, and early electric drive speed regulators. Automotive camshafts are normally made of steel or cast iron and are a key factor in determining the gearbox's RPM limit. Here are some features a camshaft depends on:

  • Timing: The camshaft's timeframe controls how long the intake/exhaust valve is open, making it a crucial component of an engine's power output. A longer duration may yield less torque at low RPM in exchange for more power at high engine revolutions per minute (RPM).
  • Lift: The camshaft's lift controls the valve's separation from the valve seat. More airflow may deliver, increasing the power generated the more the valve rises from its seat. Without the drawbacks associated with increased valve overlap, higher valve lift can have the same impact on peak power as increased duration.
  • Rhythm: An engine's power band can be moved to a different RPM range by adjusting the timing of the camshaft to the crankshaft. The camshaft can be advanced to boost low RPM torque and retracted to increase high RPM power. The necessary adjustments are typically only a few degrees or less.
  • Degree of lobe separation: The degree of lobe separation is the angle formed by the centerlines of the intake and exhaust lobes. Although employing a wider LSA to compensate for excessive length might affect power and torque outputs, a higher LSA minimizes overlap, enhancing the idle quality and intake vacuum.

Modification to Consider for Mini Cooper

  • Upgrading the Engine: By replacing the camshaft in the MINI with a Mini Cooper Performance Cams camshaft, you can improve performance. A camshaft enhances the performance by extending valve opening times, which lets more gas and air into the chambers. It enhances energy and is perfect for use on fast roads and the racetrack.
  • Install a performance chip: A performance chip is a device that can tune the engine's computer to increase power, torque, and fuel economy. Performance chips are used to enhance a vehicle's performance by providing more control over its functions and settings.
  • Installation of a new exhaust system: The exhaust system is vital to your car's engine. It works to get the exhaust gases out of the engine, cool it down, and reduce noise and vibration.
  • Upgrade the engine computer: You can improve the performance of your mini cooper by upgrading its engine computer. It is a small device that sits between the air intake and fuel injectors, and it's responsible for controlling things like horsepower, torque, and response time.


The Mini Cooper is an amazing car; these modifications are just the tip of the iceberg. We can improve the performance of mini cooper by applying many modifications. Still, the mini cooper performance Cam by Sneed4Speed is our favorite because it's simple and inexpensive enough for most folks to do on their own without spending thousands of dollars on a full-blown engine swap or turbocharger setup. If you're looking for something new in your life, consider getting yourself a Mini Cooper! And for upgradation reach to us.