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Mini Cooper Accessories

Mini Cooper Accessories

26th Jul 2022

Are you searching for Mini Cooper Accessories to make a new look to your car? Sneed4Speed offers Mini Cooper Accessories and performance Parts online at a genuine price.

The Ford Model T was chosen as the most important car of the mid-twentieth century, with the MINI Cooper coming in second. Car enthusiasts worldwide are fascinated by this remarkable vehicle, and with its cutting-edge, performance-improving, and aesthetically pleasing features, the best keeps getting better. Owners now have a large selection of accessories to pick from that may do everything from increase power to change the look. Here are a few MINI accessories that fanatics must-have.

Booster for sprints

The MINI is, without a doubt, a sporty little car with excellent handling and a focus on speed. A Sprint Booster Power Converter can be useful if you want to push it a little bit farther. The electronic throttle control on your MINI may cause slowness or poor throttle control. The Sprint Booster continuously analyses and changes the signal that the ECU sends to the accelerator pedal to improve responsiveness. Although most people will probably love driving a MINI as is, this is an excellent investment if you want more control and a more accurate ride. You can use it anytime you want; it is simple to install and is not permanent.

Cold Air Intake device

Most automobiles include a thermostat air intake system that circulates warm air into the engine and cool air during the summer. A properly cooled engine aids in performance optimization and increases fuel efficiency. On the other hand, a cold air intake system feeds the engine with cooler air. Because chilly air has a higher oxygen content than warm air, this boosts "volumetric efficiency." Power and effectiveness are increased at the end.

One word of caution: before installing anything, check whether it won't violate your MINI warranty if it's an aftermarket cold air intake system.

Adapter for short shifts.

A short shifter has little impact on how well your car performs. Why then bother? Because it might affect how well you perform. You may change through the gears more rapidly thanks to the shorter shifter's reduced shifter throw. It might speed you up and give you a racier feeling. Installing these is normally simple and quick.

Car Cover Outdoor

Rain, moisture, sunlight, humidity, dust, filth, birds, and pedestrians can all cause serious damage to your interior paint job. If your MINI needs to be stored outside, a cover will keep it shielded from the weather and maintain its perfect appearance. Look for one specially tailored to match your particular model and has grommets on the bottom edge for latching.

You can appreciate your MINI Cooper even more with the help of these extras and the several others that are now available.

Exterior Accessories for a MINI Cooper

  • Side Scuttles for license plate frames
  • Sets of wheels and tires
  • Mirror Caps, Piano Black Grille, Level 1 Paint Protection Film
  • Sport Stripes for MINI
  • MINI's front and rear light rings are black.

Interior Accessories for a MINI Cooper

  • MINI Best-Weather Luggage Compartment Mat Travel and Comfort System
  • MINI Windshield UV Sun Shade, MINI Seat-Back Storage Pocket
  • MINI All-Weather Floor Mats MINI First Aid Kit MINI Interior Mirror Covers
  • Chair Covers
  • LED Door Projectors, Mini