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E36 1992-1999

  • MOTUL 75W140 Transmission Gear Oil

    MOTUL 75W140 Transmission Gear Oil

    This tranmission gear oil is what we use in all of our MINI, BMW, Mazda and Subaru race and street manual transmissions, gearboxs and rear differentals.  Its rated higher than the factory fluid so it protects better and last longer.  Because...

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  • MOTUL 5w30 8100 eco-nergy synthetic engine oil

    MOTUL 5w30 8100 ECO-nergy Synthetic Motor Oil

    The MOTUL 5w30 8100 ECO-nergy is our go to oil for all street cars.  Its a 100% synthetic oil that will stand up to higher horse power turbo and supercharged engines but still last with extened oil change intervals of 7500 to 10,000 miles...

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  • MOTUL 0W40 300V trophy racing motor oil

    MOTUL 0w40 300V Trophy Synthetic Race Motor Oil

    If you track your car or are just looking to get the most horse power out of your engine this is the oil for you.  This oil more stable at high temp then any oil we have ever used.  Even with extended time oil temps in the 280F range on our...

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  • MOTUL RBF600 Race Brake Fluid

    MOTUL RBF600 Race Brake Fluid

    MOTUL RBF 600 is the best brake fluid for the money we have ever used.  Very high dry and wet boiling points means that this fluid will not boil under extremely heavy and extended braking.  It takes about 2 bottles to change the fluid in most...

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  • E36 M3 in the wind tunnel BMW Carbon Fiber rear wing in the wing tunnel

    E36 M3 Aero Kit

    The only wind tunnel tested aero kit on the market.  Providing over 400lbs of downforce in a balanced package to increase grip to all 4 wheels and increase speed through the turns without reducing straight away speed.  The 63 inch, fully car...

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  • BMW Billy Club Delrin Shift Knob BMW Billy Club Delrin Shift Knob

    BMW Shift Knob

     Having both hands on the wheel is a critical element for maximum car control. In the amount of time it takes to shift races can be won or lost. Moving the shift knob closer to the steering wheel reduces shift time and increases car control. The...

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  • Splitter Support Rod Stanchion Splitter Support Rod Stanchion

    Spoiler Support Turnbuckle Stanchion rods

    Aluminum Spoiler Support Turnbuckle Stanchion rods for use in supporting splitters, wings, car bodies and other parts.  Made of billet aluminum and available in 4, 8, 10 and 12 inch lengths.  The length of the stanchions can be adjusted while...

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  • e36 m3 carbon fiber rear wing e36 m3 carbon fiber rear wing

    E36 M3 Carbon Fiber Rear Wing

    The only wind tunnel tested M3 wing on the market.  The wing is made of carbon fiber and laid out in a 3 D design to give the best angle of attack behind and below the roof line and on the sides of the car.  Air moving over the car’s roof...

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  • E36 M3 Front Splitter m3 front splitter

    E36 M3 Front Splitter

    The only wind tunnel tested E36 M3 Splitter kit on the market. This splitter is specifically designed for the E36 M3 front bumper to provide max down force, reduce drag and improve engine power. Our front splitter extends 3 inches...

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