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E36 Sneed4Speed Splitter Install Instructions


  • Remove factory under tray if installed
  • Remove bumper cover and mock up “I” stanchions to the metal bumper support.  Stanchions should drop straight down.  1 in the middle 1 on each side.  Drill holes in the bottom of the bumper support  and mount stanchions
  • Mount Z bars to front sway bar mount stud
  • Place Sneed splitter under car and locate Z bars dropping down from sway bar mount.  Drill holes though splitter so you can bolt splitter to the Z bars
  • Re install front bumper cover but just for mock up
  • Locate “I” stanchions on the splitter and drill holes though splitter to mount splitter to I stanchion
  • Drill to additional holes through the bumper cover on the outside inside edges (close to the tire inside the bumper) and bolt the splitter to the bumper cover.  
  • With splitter bolted on to car layout front adjustable stanchions on bumper cover and splitter.  Leave room to adjust the stanchions once installed
  • Mark bumper cover and drill though cover and metal support
  • Remove cover and install bolts into hole you just drilled
  • Install cover and thread stanchions on to outside of bumper cover
  • Relocate stanchions on splitter and drill holes
  • Tighten all bolts, remember to install washers on all bolts and adjust splitter to between 0 and 2 degrees down
  • Test drive