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E46 M3 Front Splitter Mounting Instructions

Remove the torx bolts that hold the bumper on.

Screw the long hex tubes up in their place though factory holes in bumper cover

Mount the Z brackets on the front sway bar mount bolt.

Hold up aluminum angle piece and trim inside of bumper until it fits flush against the hex tubes and bumper.  Aluminum angle long side mounts to hex, short side stands up to fill gap between the bumper and splitter.  

Mark and drill holes so you can bolt aluminum angle to hex stanchions.  

Hold up splitter, mark and drill holes for Z brackets and holes for bolts to go though splitter, aluminum angle and thread into hex tubes.  

Use 3 small bolts on each side to mount splitter to attach splitter bumper bottom plastic out towards the wheels.

Use 2 small bolts the sandwich splitter, aluminum and bumper bottom together in the center.

Locate front adjustment stanchions onto the bumper and splitter.

Drill holes though bumper and bumper support to install bolt rod or bolts depending on year on car. 

Install bolts from back side of bumper and thread stanchions onto bolts. 

If using bolt rods in carbon fiber bumper, push rod though bumper and install large washer and nut on each side of bumper, now thread stanchion on. 

Drill holes in splitter to mount bottom of adjustable stanchions

Adjust splitter AoA as needed.