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F30 Brakes

  • 14mm BMW and MINI Racing Lug Nut 14mm BMW and MINI Racing Lug Nut

    14mm Racing Lug Nut

    Order individual lug nuts if you need spares but don't want to order another whole set.  Don't let your day be cut short due to a lost lug nut, always carry one or two extras.   Made in USA Spec Sheet: Lug nuts for 14mm x 1.5mm thread...

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  • BMW Carbotech brake pads

    BMW Carbotech brake pads

    Carbotech brake pads are our go to pad for all street, track and race applications. We use Carbotechs because of their great feel, long life and rotor friendliness. They are just an all around awesome brake pad!   What Carbotech series works best...

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  • MOTUL RBF600 Race Brake Fluid

    MOTUL RBF 600 is the best brake fluid for the money we have ever used.  Very high dry and wet boiling points means that this fluid will not boil under extremely heavy and extended braking.  It takes about 2 bottles to change the fluid in most...

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  • ONE-MAN Brake Bleeder Bottle

    ONE-MAN Brake Bleeder Bottle

    The ONE-Man Brake Bleeder Bottle is a fantastic tool to keep in your box. The bottle uses a two way check valve under the cap that does not let air back in the lines so you can bleed brakes efficiently by yourself! Another feature that makes this bottle...

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