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F56 Front Splitter install instructions

F56 Splitter Mounting Instructions

Remove front bumper

Place splitter on flat large table

Place bumper on top of splitter and align

Mark holes to drill on bumper plastic. Hole should be space evenly across the front with 2 holes about 2 inches apart at the ends. Holes should be as close to the front edge as possible but still easy to reach.

Drill holes through the bottom bumper plastic and into the splitter.

Place bolts through holes from top with washer. Then tighten nut and washer on the bottom. Start with center hole and end holes and work in.

If using stanchions mount them into the bumper and splitter now.

Reinstall bumper with splitter attached

Find a location that’s easy to access and drill towards the back of the splitter.

Drill hole in splitter and if needed hole into mounting area and install bolts, washers and nuts