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N Series MINI Engine Torque Specs

N12 / 13 /14 /16/ 18 Engine Torque Spec Sheet


OEM Main Gridle Cap bolts 30nm plus 150 degrees

Case bolts (outside of main gridle) 12nm

Oil Squirters 9nm

OEM rod bolts 20nm plus 90 degrees

OEM type Head Bolts M10x145 30nm plus 90 degrees plus 90 degrees

                                             M8x95   15nm plus 90 degrees plus 90 degrees

                                             M8x35   30nm

Oil pump to block 25nm

Oil pump drive bolt 24nm

Crank pulley center bolt 50nm plus 180 degrees

Cam pulley bolts M10x30 20nm plus 90 degree

                              M10x52 20nm plus 180 degree

Cam bearing caps 10nm

Oil pan 12nm

Timing Chain Tensioner 65nm

Timing Chain guide bolts Crankcase 24nm

                                                Cylinder head 20nm

Oil feed banjo 30nm

Turbo to manifold 20nm

Coolant in/out banjos 25nm

Exhaust manifold 25nm

Water pump 10nm