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R53 MINI Cooper Splitter Install

R53/R50 MINI Splitter Install Instructions


Remove factory under trays

Fit splitter up to underside of car and adjust until it fits car with 3” sticking out of the front.

Locate rear of splitter and underside of car.  There should be 2 holes that make since with rear of the splitter and subframe of the car.  They were just holding some kind of plastic cover you removed.  Drill holes in the splitter and loosely bolt splitter to car

Drill other holes to mount splitter to radiator core support (black plastic in front of car behind bumper).

Bolt splitter to car and fit loosely. 

Locate front splitter struts and mach up.  Top of support strut needs to contact bumper cover and bumper support (metal and plastic behind bumper cover).  Drill holes though bumper cover and bumper support and drill holes in splitter for supports.

Remove splitter, bumper cover and bumper support.

Install studs into bumper support and though bumper cover.  Leave about ¼” of stud out of the bumper cover to screw the support struts on.

Reinstall the bumper cover and bumper support

Reinstall the splitter with support struts

Adjust splitter to 3 degrees down from level

Go win race!!