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R56 MINI Oil Cooler Install Instructions


Lift vehicle.  Remove passenger side wheel and front inner-fender liner.
Remove bumper cover and aluminum bumper.
Remove water lines going to factory oil cooler.
Remove factory oil cooler.
Bolt on oil cooler adapter plate with new bolts provided.  Use a light coat of Ultra Black RTV on the gasket rings to help sealing.  DO NOT over tighten bolts or over RTV gasket rings
Place oil cooler at the very bottom of the A/C condenser in the center or slightly to driver’s side.  Get a helper to unbolt the two bolts holding the A/C condenser in place and pull the A/C condenser out slightly so you can gain access to the rear of the condenser.  Hold the oil cooler on the condenser and push the mounting tabs through the cooler and condenser.  Put the backing plates on the tabs and cut the extra off.
Reinstall the condenser.
Install the supplied high-pressure oil hose onto the 90-degree fitting, Install the 90-degree fitting onto the lower outlet on the adapter plate, Snake the line though the car up to the oil cooler, Measure and cut the line so that it will fit to the bottom oil cooler fitting.  Leave some extra line for routing and clearance issues Install a straight hose end onto that line, Install this line on the car.
Install the 120 degree hose end on the remaining line, Snake line though car, Measure and cut line to fit to top oil cooler fitting, Install 90-degree fitting on line. Install line on to car.
Tighten all fittings.
Start car and check for leaks.
If there are no leaks, have helper hold up bumper support to front of car
Measure on the bumper where the oil cooler and lines will contact it.
Cut out backside of bumper that is interfering with cooler and lines.  DO NOT cut all the way though the bumper, only the backside. Now test fit bumper.  DO NOT force bumper on!!!!
If bumper fits over the cooler and onto the car, visually inspect that there is NO contact between the bumper and the cooler, lines, or fittings.  Make sure that there is room so that the lines can move around some while the car is driving and not be cut or pinched by the bumper.  Zip tie all oil lines in place. 
Install the bumper support back onto the car and recheck everything for fit and leaks.
Now reinstall the bumper cover, inner-fender liner, and wheel.
Test-drive and check for leaks again. 
Go have fun at your next track day!!!