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R56 Splitter Install Instructions

R56 front splitter install instructions –

Remove front bumper from car.

Hold splitter up to the bottom of the MINI front bumper.

Align splitter to have about 3-4 inches sticking out from the bumper or whatever race laws allow

Drill holes through the splitter and bumper plastic along the backside of the bumper close the air dam lip

Mount splitter to the bumper

Align stanchions evenly across the front of the bumper

Drill holes through the bumper cover and bolt splitter through with large backing washer

Drill holes in splitter for lower end of stanchion and mount the stanchion through the splitter and bolt it in.

Reinstall bumper and splitter onto the car.

Adjust splitter to between 0 and -2 degrees down in the front from the ground.  Do not adjust past 2 degrees down, downforce is not increased. 

Test drive