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Five must-have interior accessories from Sneed4Speed

Posted by Sneed4speed on 29th Aug 2017

The most popular accessory from Sneed4Speed is Billy Club shift knob. We are not going to discuss its features here, as we have already mentioned it several times. Through this blog post, we discuss some other important interior accessories that will make life easier.

Sparco Navigator Footrest

Rarely does any brand designs something for a passenger seat. Well, Sparco has offered something you will like. This footrest is engineered using lightweight aluminum, with the aim to offer maximum comfort to the passengers. Get it for 135 dollars from the store. You can also find floor mat made up of aluminum for the same price.

Sparco Ergo seat

This is the latest addition to the range of seats from Sparco. It comes with a DTC head protection system, which is removable. Other features include a backrest with high breathability fabric and an anatomic lower cushion. This seat is available for 995 dollars.

Sparco 6 point harness

The harnesses from Sparco restrain the body to ensure extra protection and safety. The adjustments are quite easy, due to the presence of lightweight aluminum adjusters. You can choose from pull up or pull down style. Get it for 350 dollars from our online store.

Steering wheel hook

Use this aluminum hook clamp to hang your steering wheel. These can be clamped on roll cage tubing, without the need for any other hardware. Its price is only 15.99 dollars.

Craven speed adjustable short shifter

This particular short shifter for Mini Cooper is the best one you can pair with Billy Club shift knob from Sneed4Speed. This fully adjustable short shifter also works perfectly with the stock shift knob. You have to pay 199 dollars to order it.