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How to improve your car’s performance?

Posted by sneed4speed on 28th Nov 2017

The racing car owners replace the car parts not just because they become old. The motivation behind such replacements is better car performance. So, what are the best products you can purchase for this purpose? Here is the list of parts you should replace in your car to enjoy the finest performance.

Air intake

Engines require fuel and air for optimal performance. This is the reason installation or replacement of air intake results in better speed. The restrictions from the intake manifold, heads, intake piping, and throttle body are removed. This leads to better performance. It is also necessary to keep the pipes clean, as smoother pipes ensure easy flow of air.

Spark plugs

This component of engine offers the spark to ignite the mixture of air-fuel, which finally drives the engine. If you feel that your car is not offering the speed it should, there is a possibility that you need to replace your spark plugs. The user manual of the car carries the information on how often the spark plugs should be replaced.


This part is responsible for compressing air back to the engine. This means more air is squeezed into the cylinder. This, ultimately, leads to a powerful combustion in every cylinder resulting in more power output of the engine.

Mechanical parts

If you have noticed some issues or your mechanic has told about troubles with mechanical parts, you should immediately replace them. This form of upgrade will surely improve the horsepower of the engine.