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Maintenance tips MINI owners must follow

Posted by Sneed4speed on 29th Aug 2017

The Mini Cooper has remained favorite of a lot of individuals, as it is stylish, compact, and of course, fun to drive. To enjoy driving it for a long time, you ought to focus on its proper care.

Through this blog post, we discuss some common issues and the maintenance tips you must follow for your Mini Cooper.

Transmission issues

Change the transmission fluid after some time to avoid the transmission issues. The fluid must be replaced after every 30,000-40,000 miles.

Check the oil

The engine oil tends to get contaminated or worn out after some time. This directly affects the performance of your Mini. This is the reason you must check and change the oil frequently. It is advised to use only synthetic oil, as it lasts longer.

Protection of front radiator

The front radiator of your Mini is prone to dents. This plastic piece supports the radiator, condenser, or the fan. Therefore, you need to take special care of this part. Be very careful when you park your Mini to avoid the damage.

Electric door locks

A lot of Mini owners face issues related to electric door locks. Make sure to check the locks regularly and get them fixed immediately.

Purchase the parts only from a trusted store

This ensures your engine or other systems of your Mini don’t face issues over time. The cheaper alternatives, which are not made in the USA, affect the car’s performance. And they can be dangerous, too.

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