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Mini Cooper wheel spacers: Are they worth buying?

Posted by Sneed4speed on 27th Jul 2017

While installing custom tires and wheels, the Mini Cooper owners often get confused on whether wheel spacers are worth purchasing or not.

Wheel spacers create an extra clearance between wheel hub assembly and wheel. It fits over a holding bracket of a vehicle. So, what are its benefits? Well, the primary advantage is that it lets mounting of larger tires on a vehicle. The spacers also result in enhanced performance of vehicles. This is not it! Unique appearance is something you get after their installation. By extending the wheels outward, you can get an attractive look for your vehicle.

A car driver can also use it make the handling better. While cornering, the traction of a vehicle directly proportional to how far the wheel are mounted on the assembly. And due to spacers, the distance between wheels and hub assembly become greater, which improves cornering.

If we talk about Sneed4Speed, it offers Mini 4 lug hub centric wheel spacers. Get it for 99.95 from the store. The product is sold in sets of two. This heavy duty spacer is made using aluminum and is rated for the track. It is available in three different sizes, 5mm, 12mm, and 20mm.

This is not the only type of spacer available online. You can also get steering wheel spacer, which is available for only 85 dollars. This product brings steering wheel near to your chest, making the driving experience more comfortable.