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Superior quality rear trailing arm bushing from Sneed4Speed

Posted by Sneed4speed on 28th Jul 2017

We, at Sneed4Speed, design MINI parts that offer better performance than stock parts. Even if we sell products from other brands, we only choose the ones that are guaranteed to make the driving experience more pleasurable and comfortable.

One useful product from our catalog is rear trailing arm bushing from Super Pro. These bushings make sure the rear wheels don’t change toe while turning load or braking. It helps reducing tire wear and also decreases lap times.

What makes Super Pro Bushings worth buying?

It’s the combination of steelwork, knurling, and material that makes these bushings the best on the market.


The blended polyurethane offers various features to these bushings. This material offers high tear strength, resistance to abrasion, and low compression set. Also, resistance to solvents and oils make the material suitable for automotive applications.


The crush tube is also a part of the suspension bush system. These tubes are vital for free pivoting. To ensure precision fitting, the tubes are designed to precision tolerances.


Knurling ensures that pivoting of the polyurethane bush around the crush tube is achieved in an unrestricted manner. The knurling makes the surface area of polyurethane, which is connected to the crush tube, is decreased. This factor leads to less frictional forces.