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Tips for buying motor oil for your car

Posted by Sneed4speed on 3rd Oct 2017

We always strive to delight Mini Cooper owners to our high-performance parts and accessories. We also believe serving our customers providing useful information that revolves around Mini Cooper.

Through this blog post, we discuss tips purchase motor oil for Mini Cooper.

The very first thing to keep in mind is that the product you are buying should match the requirements set by the Mini Cooper manufacturers for your model. The requirements are mentioned in the manual of your car.

The two major factors related to the requirements include:

Quality Rating

The quality rating is printed on the oil’s container. It is usually written before the terms “API Service.” API refers to American Petroleum Institute. The presence of this phrase means the product has passed standard defined by API and other institutes.

Viscosity Rating

Thickness (or viscosity) of oil, also referred as oil’s weight, impacts the economy of fuel. It becomes difficult to start the car in cold weather if viscosity of oil is too high. Also, if the thickness is extremely high, oil may fail to reach some parts of the engine that need lubrication. You should also avoid oil that’s too thin, as it flows over parts of engine quickly, which prevents proper lubrication.

The oil’s viscosity is printed on the container with the letters SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering).

Should you purchase rerefined oil?

A lot of individuals are confused on whether they should buy rerefined oil or not. Various car manufacturers state that this type of oil can be used if it meets the API requirements.