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Tips for buying used Mini Coopers

Posted by sneed4speed on 30th Oct 2017

Even if you are buying a used MINI, you will have an equal amount of thrill. The great thing about MINI is that the maintenance is quite less, even if it’s not new.

But, you need to be cautious while purchasing a used Mini. Whether you are buying it directly from an owner or from a dealer, follow these tips for a smart purchase.

The interiors

Inspect upholstery properly to ensure you are paying according to the worth. If you find any anything damaged, you can negotiate with the owner.

Test drive it

Majority of the issues can be identified while driving the car. You should refrain from purchasing the car if you are unable to test drive it. Don’t listen to stereo during a test drive, as it will mask the sounds of an engine or other sounds. Check the brakes and notice how the car performs at sharp turns.

Check exhaust

The exhaust is made up of stainless steel. It is designed to last forever. You should check the signs of grounding. You will come to know how the previous owner has driven the car through this inspection.


Bring up the revs slowly to listen for a rattle at bottom-end. In case you hear the sound, there is a possibility that engine had run out of oil at a particular stage.

Wheels and tires

Check indicators of peeling lacquer and kerbing by examining the tires. Check that locking-wheel-nut key and tire repair kit are present.