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Top reasons you should go for regular oil changes

Posted by sneed4speed on 28th Nov 2017

One of the simplest things to extend the life of the car is replacing oil regularly. You can save yourself from hassles related to repairs and breakdowns. In spite of being such an important task, the car owners often ignore it.

Though this blog post, we discuss what are the benefits of changing oil regularly.

Engine performance

The internal moving parts of the engine stay lubricated and cleaned with the regular changes. As a result, you enjoy a quieter and smoother ride.

Debris and dirt do not build up

Old oil usually contains some amount of junk and debris in it. Due to this issue, several parts of your engine can get damaged. The issue becomes more prominent if the majority of your driving is in dusty or dirty areas. Replacing the oil and filters mean you can get rid of the debris. This, ultimately, keeps your engine parts protected.

Less engine emissions

Due to the burning of oil, dirty oil by older trucks and cars, harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere. Conversely, fresh oil ensures minimized emissions due to better absorption of particles.

Better mileage

I guess this reasons alone should be sufficient to practice regular oil change. New and clean reduces friction by improving lubrication. This ensures that the engine is not slowed down and you don’t have to visit the gas pump regularly.